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Sunday, January 3, 2016

2 in 1

25th December 2015
Sem 2 in the making and my time was occupied with my study..
Currently busy to improve my performance since my Sem 1 was kinda bullshit.
Since the regret hits me at the point, I decided to give my focus totally in the class and spending my most time with the books.. 
 So here, I'm entering my new phase of life where I could be so busy till I would be so excellent in making ignorance towards people around me. I cared so much about people till I didn't even care about myself where the priority should be put. But now, I twist it to the new phase so that I could be totally move on and create my new life.

                                                                     3rd January 2016
Oh, Allah ....! I beg for You if You would show me the way to find the sweetness in life as your servant. I hold my faith on You and will always do. I'm learning to accept the fact. I fight with my own feeling to deny the true things. I followed for what You've been asked me to do and I did it. But I'm still in dilemma for what I've done and it kills me inside when I see him.
Oh, Allah ! I know there must be a reason lies behind all the things happened. I believe in You and please make me strong to go through this life until the end. Protect me from doing bad things to others,bad people and prolong broken heart in the future...

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