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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Move On

I try my best to forget everything and now, I've totally moved on. The memories still bear in my mind, still stuck at the same position. It couldn't be removed unless I have the amnesia. Haha.. But, no worries. I keep it as a positive side and I learn how to handle this matter in a good way. I still remember how somebody advised me to leave people that I loved the most for the sake of my future,dignity and Allah. Ouchh! I can feel the words stabbing deep into my heart until now. It was 3 years ago.
I will always stick to my life principle. I know, this is not my right time to think about my soulmate as I'm not ready to hold any commitment with somebody. Futhermore, I've planned to end my single status around 25 or 26. If Allah wills it :D
As I look around, most of teenagers at my age are busy thinking and finding their partners and being in love with each other. Well sometimes, I was thinking if I was them, could I manage my life appropriately? I'm too young to think about it. Somehow, it bothers me to seek for life partner because sometimes, the lonely hits me. I couldn't deny it anymore. But, my life principle had overcome all the thoughts.
Recently, I found somebody. Somebody that have changed a whole life of mine. The meeting at the bus stand has made my life until now. The one who gives me the spirit to move on, to walk away from my past, the one who taught me to be a good dreamer. The one who dares me to upgrade my performance in my study by beating him. I call him as, friend. He'doesn't know that he was the one who brings me to this far.
Now, I've learnt to accept the fact that the luck won't always belong to people who asked for it. Allah will give what you asked, but He will give you when the right time comes.

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