Little Things Are What Make Up Life

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


1. Make or become different
2. Take or use another instead of
3. The act of instance of making or become different.

Some of them could be.....

" you're no longer the old you and I dislike it" 
"you've changed into someone better, Alhamdulillah!" 
"Why are you turning into this?"
 "I don't know you anymore"

Too many comments from people and sometimes it becomes one of the obstacle that stuck us at the same position. Why bother about it? If you intended to turn yourself into someone better, then just do it.

 "But people are so freaking judgemental and I'm afraid if they couldn't accept the new me".

I admit that it's not as easy as we said to make changes in our life. We might be ignored or dumped by certain people. But.. There's one thing that you need to bear in mind, Allah will always be with people who seeks for His redha. Allah would help people who's on His way. Indeed, adapting with our changes will take time. Don't take it too drastic. You may carry it step by step. Such as...

1. Recite a page per day of Al-Quran. Take it slowly and improve it step by step by recite it every time after your Subuh. Then, proceed to the next step and make it every time after you've finished your prayer. One day, you will feel something incomplete if you missed it and look! You've successful changed from somebody who was randomly recited the Al-Quran into somebody who used to it.

2. Wearing hijab. Hijab isn't used to cover only your hair, but your chest too. Make it slowly. Get used to cover your chest first. Same goes for your attire, You don't need to wear the abayas or muslim robes to cover the whole parts of your body. I suggest you to wear the clothes which is not tight to show off your 'precious things' such as long-sleeves T-shirt, palazo,long skirts and so on as long as it loose and doesn't stick to your body.

Well, I am no good in giving examples but the main thing is, hijrah can be carried out slowly. Don't too rush and being so drastic in changing. Keep calm and make it step by step. You will never walk alone, because Allah is always there to help you.

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