Little Things Are What Make Up Life

Saturday, October 10, 2015


First love. It's hard to let each other go if it was the first person that we shared and learn what is love with. But you still have to let them go or else the thing might be get worse. Allah will not approve if we love someone and at the same time,we destroy the love that we've created.Things will not get better unless we tie the love one with the marriage. Allah would please with it.

We cried. Cried for the person that we have to leave or being left. It is hurt right. But it's more hurt if we were threw into the black flame for the 'things' we have commited. It's worth it if we cried for the sins that we have commited to our Creator.

I've been in that place, where I fell in love with someone and shared our feelings together. We spent years for it. However, we turned the love into something to be apart. Allah is more than everything in the world to put on with. Just put the priority on Him and keep holding the trust to Him. If the destiny belongs to us, then it will be. Allah is planning something better to make our life interesting. Enjoy our life in the right path. Then, the happiness is ours.

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