Little Things Are What Make Up Life

Thursday, October 15, 2015


I spent so much time with my studies, assignments,lab reports and books during my past 4 months.
Now, it's time  to rest and do the things that I missed.

It's been a long day since I updated my blog. My last post was on November 2011. I was form 2 at that time.
Well, people said that as you growing up, you are gaining the maturity through what you've been through. Is that right? I was thinking about that quote and can't deny it that is true. I'm making my future great and creating the memories so that one day I can tell my children how things work to survive,living at the end of this world. Ain't it funny? Haha..
There're so much things I've been through all this while. Something that I've never crossed has occured and yet, it changed the whole life of mine. Something that taught us how to appreciate every  single moment that we've been into. Something that making our life become more interesting and we feel great with it. 
To make it short, I put all my trust to Him. He made all the way that I need to go through and making the impact in my life by passing them. Know what? Even the smallest thing can change our life. The only thing we need to do is, decide and hold your trust to our Creator. The little things are what make up life.

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